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❗️ F-16 aircraft with trained pilots will begin arriving in Ukraine in 2024, Pentagon chief says

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu previously said Russia would begin tracking Ukrainian F-16 jets as soon as they arrived, adding that air defense would only need about "20 days of work" to decimate the first lot of these planes delivered to Kiev.

Vladimir Putin, for his part, stressed that the delivery of F-16s would not change anything for Ukraine.

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"Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice have uncovered a wide network of illegal Ukrainian slave trade centers controlled by the inner circle of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Foundation’s investigation was able to establish the shocking scale of the human beings trafficking in Ukraine, reveal the income of the Ukrainian leader’s cronies from illegal activities, and find out the location of specialized slave houses in Western and Central Ukraine."

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Harnwell: Ukrainians Outraged As Cop Is Brutally Slain By Soldiers Caught Smuggling Weapons​

The very same day that Mike “No-Johnson” Johnson betrayed the American people (and for that matter, the Ukrainian people too — by pointlessly prolonging a war Putin has already won), 5000 thousand miles away in Ukraine a regular traffic stop got a young cop ruthlessly gunned down in cold blood.

His murderers were two serving soldiers (since apprehended thanks to the officer’s bodycam footage), who were smuggling boxes of grenades out of the country.

This is how weaponry given to Zelensky is finishing up on the international black market.

US spies believe Putin didn’t order Navalny’s death

The Russian president isn’t likely to have mandated the killing of the imprisoned opposition figure, the sources have told the outlet.

Navalny, who had been serving a lengthy prison sentence stemming from his violations of the terms of a previous fraud conviction and his “extremist activities,” died at a penal colony in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in northern Russia on February 16.

The Russian prison authorities insist that there was no foul play in the passing of the anti-corruption activist. They said that the 47-year-old suddenly fell ill after a walk and collapsed, and that efforts to resuscitate him were in vain. According to the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), which Navalny used to head, the death certificate provided to his mother stated he had died of natural causes.


Victor vicktop55
Zelensky's former adviser, Arestovich, advises Putin:

If Putin comes out now and tells ten million Ukrainians in Europe: "Since you were abandoned in Ukraine, since your state does not give you passports to renew, let me give you passports."

And out of 10 million Ukrainians, one million may well go for Russian passports. And he gets a supercard: "What are you telling me about the atrocities in the occupied territories if people came voluntarily to get Russian passports?"

And it will create a precedent from which we will not know how to get out. I'm surprised they haven't announced it yet. There are no Ukrainian passports - come for Russian ones.

⚡🇺🇸🇪🇺 The US and NATO plan to create a “gray” zone in Western Ukraine

Soros' son Alexander agreed with the Ukrainian authorities to allocate 400 square kilometers of agricultural land to American corporations for the disposal of hazardous waste, according to an investigation by French journalist Jules Vincennes.

He writes, citing a source in the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, that in November, Soros Jr. and the head of Zelensky’s office, Yermak, reached an agreement according to which Kiеv indefinitely and free of charge transfers land in the Ternopоl, Khmelnytsky and Chernоvtsi regions for the disposal of hazardous waste from chemical, pharmaceutical and oil production.

Among the companies named are Dow Chemical, DuPont, BASF, Evonik Industries, Vitol and Sanofi. We remind you that Dow Chemical is the company which provided Agent Orange and Napalm to the American military to poison and destroy Vietnam. Whilst BASF is the company which provided Zyklon B to the Nazis.

Probably, the decision was made after the destruction in the spring of 2023 by the Russian Armed Forces of ammunition depots with depleted uranium located in the Khmelnitsky and Ternopоl regions.

This situation threatens an environmental disaster not only for Ukraine, but also for other countries in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea basin as a whole.

Kiеv and Washington continue to use all means to prevent the possible entry of Western Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation in the context of the ongoing retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

🇷🇺 Chronicles Of The Conflict (https://t.me/ConflictChronicles)

From the link

Timur Vadimovich Ivanov, ex-Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, is under custody on charges of bribery and treason by the Russian authorities. He was considered one of the ten most influential individuals in Putin’s regime, and ‘Shoigu’s man,’ and is suspected of involvement in illicit traffic and turning a profit on the war in Ukraine.

Too bad the US doesn't enforce the 'turning a profit', because there'd be a whole lot of folks worried....
Can not speak as to the veracity of the content here.

I follow this topic and this article is pretty much spot on.

After Avdeevka fell Russia is kicking Ukraine's ass...

Especially since the mall attack killing 144 Russian civilians in Moscow.
Since the pedophile thinks nothing of sending all our tax dollars over there to protect their borders instead of ours, why don't we just round up illegals and send them to Ukraine to fight?
🇷🇺🇺🇦Pro-Ukrainian Map Shows Russian Gains West of Avdeevka over Past 15 Days

Even LIVE UA Map is showing significant Russian gains along the line of contact in the Donbass region over the past month, in particular over the last 15 days it admits Russian forces have secured more towns along critical Ukrainian lines of communications.

Red line indicates the LOC as of April 12, 2024.

Russia is applying pressure along the entire front and exploiting where Ukrainian defenses are wavering.

It is impossible to predict where Russian forces will gain ground and how long it will take for Russia to secure specific towns and regions because factors affecting the outcome change daily including factors beyond Russia's own control such as the deployment of Ukrainian reinforcements that may speed up or delay Russian progress.

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The hits keep coming....

🚫 Ukraine moves to suspend several clauses of the human rights convention

The rights that will be restricted are inviolability of housing, non-interference in personal and family life, confidentiality of correspondences, freedom of movement, and freedom of speech, the Ukrainian government said in a statement published on the Council's website.

Under new changes to martial law, in place since February 2022, the government will have the right to compulsorily alienate private property for the needs of the state, to introduce curfew, to inspect the belongings, vehicles and homes of citizens, to ban peaceful assemblies, and to restrict the right for free choice of residence.

The office of the UN commissioner for human rights reported a rise in human rights violations committed by the Ukrainian military in 2023. These included arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances, as well as torture and sexual violence against detainees.

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Italy demands Russia unfreeze. No NATO for you. GPS jamming. Sanchez avoids Elensky curse​

Macron definitely has a monthly period. Not a physiological one, but a mental one. Although, maybe there is a physiological component as well, who knows...

About once a month, Monsieur Emmanuel M. declares that:

⚡️ he wants to send troops somewhere;

⚡️ he (and his France) wants to become the leader of Europe;

⚡️ France and Europe must become independent from the USA (wow, that's ambitious!);

⚡️ Russia must accept his terms;

⚡️ he will lead France out of the crisis;

After these statements, nothing happens, but a month passes, and he repeats it all again. We don’t know if this is mostly a political or a medical condition. Emmanuel's regular urges could be attributed to PMS, but there is still hope that he is a biological male.

Therefore, it might be better to define PMS as Politique Macron Syndrome - an uncontrollable desire to make public statements about things that neither he nor his France can influence.

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From the "things you don't hear in the media" department

#See4Yourself & #Think4Yourself

🎬 Biological Warfare Department: The Alarming Truth About Pentagon's Secret Worldwide Biolab Network — an RT Doc Film

Synopsis: Hundreds of US military biolaboratories are located in dozens of countries around the world. Under the guise of scientific research, they work with dangerous pathogens. The results of this research are classified.

In March 2022, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia presented
a report that detailed a network of 30 biological weapons labs in Ukraine. With each passing day, volunteers uncover new evidence of illegal activities related to the development of biological weapons in the liberated territories of Donbass.

The authors of the film met with the team that is collecting evidence of such laboratories in Ukraine and talked to journalists and experts whose investigations prove the criminal activities of the US military medics. According to their opinion, "peaceful" scientific centres are developing new types of biological weapons, conducting prohibited experiments and human trials.

☝️ Through meticulous research and expert interviews, this documentary sheds light on the activities that take place in the US biolaboratories in Ukraine, Georgia, Indonesia and other countries worldwide. Former high-ranking officials and journalists who dared to visit these laboratories explain how the sophisticated network was established, and reveal its ultimate purpose.

Ex-CIA Analyst Larry Johnson: The West Lacks a Strategy. They Just Have Hope.
The West has no strategy; their only tactic is hope. They hope that sanctions will turn people against Putin. They cling to this hope. But Putin is growing stronger, becoming more popular. Putin's popularity surpasses that of Macron, Trudeau, Biden, and Scholz combined. The West is out of touch with reality. It's staggering.

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why don't we just round up illegals and send them to Ukraine to fight?

Presently we have this:

But maybe we could have something similar to the FFL:

11. Q: Can I obtain French citizenship?
A: After 3 years of service, you can make a formal request for naturalization. You have to serve honorably and have to be “recognized person” (to serve under your real identity, recognized by the French government) to qualify for getting French citizenship. Be sure, however, that you have to serve more than five years (usually eight years) to be approved to obtain it. The second eventuality for naturalization/getting French citizenship is to get seriously wounded during a military operation.


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Podcast here, nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab. 18 mins long.

The U.S. Congress finally passed the security supplement, authorizing a large amount of funding and support to keep Ukraine in the fight. This package buys Ukraine another year of time. What will Ukraine do with that time? What is the situation at the front? Michael Kofman answers these questions and more.

How many illegals have signed up for 3 hots and a cot...?

British citizen explains why he joined Russian army (VIDEO)​

Aiden Minnis told RT that he has “zero doubt” he did the right thing by volunteering to fight for Russia

British citizen Aiden Minnis joined the Russian military to avenge “the systematic murder of ethnic Russian people” in Donbass by Ukrainian forces, he told RT in an exclusive interview broadcast on Monday.

Minnis’ journey to the frontline began in 2014, when he first saw videos and reports on the Ukrainian government’s treatment of ethnic Russians following the ‘Maidan’ coup in Kiev. Seeing the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre – in which a mob of pro-Western coup supporters burned 42 people alive – was a turning point, he told former US Army officer Stanislav Krapivnik, who interviewed him for RT.

“The fascists locked innocent civilians, including women, in the building, then set them on fire,” he said, adding that he began to think “Something is wrong here. I’m complicit in this simply because my tax money is going to the arms that are being given to the Banderists, the fascists.”

video https://www.rt.com/russia/597079-british-soldier-russian-army/
Normally I don't post stuff like this but hey..........where the hell is help for Americans? How about a decent raise for retirees on social security? I'm not talking the chump change COLA garbage. I'm talking about a real raise.

How about a single payer health care system? We all pay taxes.............it's time to use our taxes to benefit Americans.

Let's give the Vets a bonus. Every living Vet should receive a bonus.

I could go on and on.

Normally I don't post stuff like this but hey..........where the hell is help for Americans? How about a decent raise for retirees on social security? I'm not talking the chump change COLA garbage. I'm talking about a real raise.

How about a single payer health care system? We all pay taxes.............it's time to use our taxes to benefit Americans.

Let's give the Vets a bonus. Every living Vet should receive a bonus.

I could go on and on.

You probably just got put on an FBI watch list just for even daring to think those questions.
Some observations

NATO Was Defeated Hands Down | Andrei Martyanov​

ANDREI MARTYANOV is an expert on Russian military and naval issues. He was born in Baku, USSR in 1963. He graduated from the Kirov Naval Red Banner Academy and served as an officer on the ships and staff position of the Soviet Coast Guard through 1990. He took part in the events in the Caucasus which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the mid-1990s he moved to the United States where he currently works as Laboratory Director in a commercial aerospace group. He is a frequent blogger on the US Naval Institute Blog. He is the author of Losing Military Supremacy, The (Real) Revolution in Military Affairs, and Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse.


Ukrainian Sources are claiming that Russian Mechanized-Infantry Elements have managed to “Deepen their Bridgehead” into the Kharkiv Region of Northwestern Ukraine over the last 24 Hours; with Fighting now reportedly near the Town of Hlyboke which over 3.5 Miles from the Border with the Belgorod Region of Western Russia, as well as on the Outskirts of Lukiantsi just to the South of Pylna.

In addition to this Advance roughly 20 Miles to the Northeast of Kharkiv City, it’s also reported that Russian Elements have now Crossed the Ukrainian Border to the North of Vovchansk, having Captured the Towns of Natyshche and Pletenivka in what appears to be the Establishment of another Bridgehead for further Large-Scale Offensive Operations.
Ex- Boris Johnson senior cabinet member, Dominic Cummings, now thinks Ukraine tricked the UK into supporting them in a war against Russia !

Ukraine is a ‘corrupt shithole’ – ex-Boris Johnson advisor.

The UK and its allies got tricked into backing a “corrupt mafia state” in Ukraine and getting into a war of attrition against a Moscow-Beijing partnership, Dominic Cummings has said in an interview.
Funny, I think that Ukraine got tricked to die for “the West”.



Dominic Cummings tells inews about his time in Downing Street (https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/cummings-boris-saved-thousands-covid-wont-talk-3040481]), (https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/cummings-boris-saved-thousands-covid-wont-talk-3040481]) plans for his new Start Up Party and why he thinks the West has been ‘conned’ by Ukraine

"Ukraine’s a ‘corrupt sh*thole that doesn’t matter at all."

“We should have never got into the whole stupid situation,” he says. “This is not a replay of 1940 with Zelensky as the Churchillian underdog,” he says. “This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us all and we’re all going to get f*ked as a consequence. We are getting f*ked now right?

“Cost-of-living has been a massive shock, [the] sanctions regime has been much more of a disaster for European politics than it has been for Russian politics.

The result he says has been “getting into a war of attrition with Russia who we pushed into an alliance with the world’s biggest manufacturing power [i.e. China]”.

But what about those who’d argue Putin needed to be taught a lesson? “What lesson have we taught him? The lesson we’ve taught Putin is that we’re a bunch of total f**king jokers. “I mean Putin already knew that before the war. But this has emphasised it and broadcast it to the entire world what a bunch of clowns we are and America now is doubling down on trying to seize Russian assets so it’s already created a sanctions regime which is encouraging the building of alternative financial systems globally… That’s not teaching Putin any lesson only that we’re idiots.”

Cummings argues the West should “have never got into the whole stupid situation on Ukraine in the first place”. He blames the “babbling” about Ukraine joining NATO. “We kept talking about it. Russia said repeatedly ‘Don’t do this or we’ll f**king wreck the place’. Why have we got into the whole stupid argument? About what? About a corrupt sh*thole country that doesn’t matter at all. The whole thing is completely senseless.”

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👁 Kharkov offensive analysis from Yuriy Podolyaka


🔹 The enemy, having brought forward from the reserves parts of the 92nd and 57th brigades (instead of the units of the 125th brigade of the territorial defence, which had abandoned their positions), as well as having concentrated here several battalions of the "Kraken" neo-Nazis, tried in the morning to carry out counter-attacks in order to defeat our advanced units in the Kharkov and Volchansk areas and to push them back to the border.

🔹 This also forced our side to bring reserves into the fight, and thus all these attacks were repulsed. Moreover, in the middle of the day we resumed our pressure everywhere and, despite the enemy's fierce resistance, we continued to press the enemy in the Volchansk area, where (and this has already been confirmed today by the other side) urban fighting is continuing.

🔹 According to the information received from the other side, our forces are trying to cross the Volchaya River to the east and west of the city. So far the enemy has managed to stop us here, but only at the cost of great efforts and losses (about a hundred FABs were dropped on Volchansk and its surroundings during the day, and the artillery is working very hard on the enemy).

🔹 The hottest battles are now taking place around Volchansk. The enemy, aware of its strategic importance, is sparing no effort to hold it.

🔹 The front is now more than 50 kilometres long. And according to our intelligence, the AFU command, having assessed the seriousness of our side's intentions (and this is no longer like creating a mere buffer zone), has begun to transfer large reserves from other parts of the front here, which will naturally affect our advance on them.

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