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Harnwell: Fresh Corruption Allegations In Ukraine...The US Responds By Announcing A New $400m Infusion​

VIDEO SYNTHESIS / Yesterday the Ukrainian parliament “accepted the resignation” of the agriculture minister — who had been unable to explain $10m in land acquisitions on a ministerial salary.
Last week, a unit director in Ukrainian intelligence, entrusted with investigating cyber crimes, was sacked when his wife was found to be handling her husband’s backhanders.

Zelensky — who according to a recent report in the Financial Times is himself taking a 50% cut of international transactions — was “shocked… shocked that there is corruption in here.” So Biden gave him another $400m of your money.


The War in Ukraine is Over as Russia Has Destroyed Ukraine's Army | Col. Jacques Baud​

Jacques Baud is a former member of Swiss strategic intelligence, a specialist in Eastern European countries and head of United Nations peace operations doctrine. He was engaged in negotiations with top Russian military and intelligence officials right after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he participated in programs in Ukraine and in particular during the Maidan revolution in 2014.

Slovakia's prime minister Robert Fico has been SHOT and has been rushed to the hospital.

Four shots were fired after a governmental meeting. One of the shots hit Fico in the abdomen, Reuters reported.

A witness said he heard several shots before he saw the police detain a suspect.

"I am shocked and appalled by the shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico in Handlova," the opposition Progressive Slovakia’s Michal Šimečka said.

"We unequivocally and strongly condemn any violence," he added.

Fico has been called a "Putin ally" by his opposition. He is accused of leading a "Pro-Russia" coalition in Europe, along with Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

Fico has pushed a "sovereign Slovak foreign policy" and refuses to provide Ukraine with military aid.

The secret Ukrainian mission behind enemy lines | DW News​

May 14, 2024 #Warinukraine #Ukraine

Ukrainian special forces are operating on the wrong side of the Dnipro river. They've gained footholds in Russian-held territory and are keeping the enemy busy. We look at what these small groups of Ukrainian soldiers are doing - just 100km from Crimea.



MAY 14, 2024

It is often quipped that history is written by the victors. But, as the bloodshed in Ukraine drags into a third year, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have to win his unjust war to rewrite the events of the conflict and undermine post-war justice. Russian hackers from the Federal Security Services and Main Intelligence Directorate are reportedly targeting the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, the entity responsible for documenting war crimes committed by Russian combatants on Ukrainian soil. At the same time, the International Criminal Court declared that it had been hacked, having “detected anomalous activity” in its systems. The hackers’ aim? To obtain — even delete — evidence of war crimes and help Russians arrested in Ukraine to “avoid prosecution and move them back to Russia.” Russia’s interest in meddling with the prosecution of alleged war crimes is blatant. The International Criminal Court has a current arrest warrant out for Putin himself for the forcible transferal of Ukrainian children to Russia (a violation of the genocide article of the Rome Statute). It also has ongoing investigations regarding Russian war crimes in both Ukraine and Georgia. Russia is no stranger to doctoring its official records. For example, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin famously blotted out from photographs those whom he ordered to be purged. But that was Moscow manipulating itsown records. Today, Russia is waging cyber attacks against others’ systems in order to alter evidence of its atrocities and thus subvert war crime tribunals.



Neither Russia nor China wants the Ukraine war to end, but for different reasons​

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting China, seeking support amid Western sanctions.
  • Russia's economy now relies on wartime activities and trade with China.
  • Putin is looking to rebalance Russia's relationship with China. But time is on Beijing's side.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a two-day visit to China, and he's bringing along a large trade delegation. It's his first official trip overseas following his reelection for a fifth term, and it comes days after he appointed a civilian economist to helm Russia's defense ministry, showing his country's wartime economy is here to stay.

But while China is Russia's most important market, Putin is not just courting his Xi — who has called Putin his "old friend" — for economic support. The Russian leader is also forging a strategic relationship.

"The two states are allies not because they share any particular cultural or ideological affinity; rather, they have come together on account of the old adage that the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend,'" Chels Michta, a non-resident fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, or CEPA, wrote on Wednesday.

"Their partnership is largely practical — anchored in hard power principles bereft of ideological pretense or posturing," added Michta.

It's realpolitik — "both parties believe they have more to gain from continuing to work together than they risk losing," wrote Michta.


The letter by Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev was written in 1854, during the height of the Crimean War (1853-1856). Tyutchev was not only a renowned poet but also a diplomat, politician, and publicist, and his views on international relations and Russian politics were often reflected in his letters and articles.

"It could have long been predicted that this mad hatred, which for thirty years, with each passing year stronger and stronger, was kindled in the West against Russia, would one day break loose. This moment has come.

Russia was simply offered suicide, a renunciation of the very foundation of its existence, a solemn acknowledgment that it is nothing more in the world than a wild and hideous phenomenon, an evil that needs to be corrected.

…There is no longer any self-deception – Russia, in all probability, will enter into a clash with the whole of Europe.

How did this happen? How did the Empire, which for forty years has done nothing but renounce its own interests and betray them for the benefit and protection of the interests of others, suddenly find itself faced with an enormous conspiracy?

And yet, it was inevitable. Contrary to everything – reason, morality, profit, even the instinct of self-preservation, the terrible collision must occur. And this collision was caused not only by the greedy selfishness of England, not the base vileness of France, embodied in an adventurer, and not even by the Germans, but by something more general and fateful.

This is the eternal antagonism between what, for lack of other expressions, has to be called: the West and the East…"

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Neither Russia nor China wants the Ukraine war to end, but for different reasons​

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting China, seeking support amid Western sanctions.
False. He's not 'seeking support'. That's western propaganda.

The truth is he's creating an economic block with the BRICS nations of which there are 80 so far.

They plan to trade amongst themselves leaving the US to fend for itself with its allies who are all facing bankruptcy because of their fiat debt-money slave system.

  • Russia's economy now relies on wartime activities and trade with China.
One could say the same thing about the US... no? That's where the $90B is going... the MIC!

  • Putin is looking to rebalance Russia's relationship with China. But time is on Beijing's side.
What? Russia & China have been 'Pals' for some time. Just look at the red carpet welcome to Putin vs Blinken's 'welcome'.

What an embarrassment for Blinken! Greeted by some mayor of the town and no grand welcome.

That's all one need to know about the relationship between the US and the east.
Russian Army colonel speaks about the important things in life.

We're sitting here right now in this beautiful, cozy room, but there's a battle going on somewhere. Somebody gets wounded, and someone is pulling a comrade out of the line of fire.

We have two wars. One war is a tough one with difficult advances, with arms and legs blown off and, sadly, people dying. And the second war is on TV. We are there to make sure that the war on TV does not come here to our house.

In 1941, regardless of nationality, regardless of religion, regardless of profession, our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers stood shoulder to shoulder in defense of our homeland. Why? Because the West tried to impose extraneous laws and principles on us and to force us to follow them. Our grandfathers said: "No.” Now they're trying again to impose extraneous laws and principles on us. Now we say: "No."

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(https://t.me/infodefENGLAND)📱 InfoDefens (https://t.me/InfoDefAll)e (http://cat.general/)


Propaganda galore with everything concerning Ukraine. Sometimes ya just don't know what to believe or think.

One could say the same thing about the US... no? That's where the $90B is going... the MIC!

Had an interesting chat earlier with someone concerning this. Imagine if we could spend this money here at home. Medical care for everyone, housing for everyone, decent food for everyone, etc.

I could go on and on about this, but you already know how I think when it comes to helping our own.

Remember "Beware of the MIC." He wasn't bullshitting.

Sounds positively economic to me!

❗️ Putin's statements during his speech at the EXPO in Harbin:

▪️ The partnership between Russia and China reliably ensures energy security and raises the level of prosperity of their peoples;

▪️ Russia is capable of supplying China's economy with clean, affordable energy;

▪️ Russia supports China's intention to localize production in Russia, is ready to provide investors with benefits, and the Kaluga region is determined to develop cooperation in the automotive sector.

▪️ Cooperation between the Russian Far East and northeastern China has great potential.

▪️ The reduction of cargo and transportation inspection time at the border will continue.

He invited Russia’s Chinese partners

to the Eastern Economic Forum's (EEF), which is one of the biggest business forums in Russia, where he offered to discuss cooperation with Russia in detail.

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◼️ "Have they gone crazy?": Putin talks on peace meeting on Ukraine, sanctions and national security

▪️ Beijing sincerely strives to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and Xi Jinping shared about his recent trip to Europe and his position on peace initiatives;

▪️ Russia needs to understand whom it can deal with on Ukraine and whom to trust; it's analyzing the situation;

▪️ Russia will not discuss formulas about which it knows nothing, but Moscow has never refused negotiations on Ukraine; there is a basis for the negotiation process - the Istanbul agreements;

▪️ In the matter of resolving the Ukrainian crisis, Russia will not allow ultimatums to be presented to it;

▪️ Formulas for peace in Ukraine based on wishes and not on the real situation cannot be discussed;

▪️ Russia is "not seen" at the peace conference on Ukraine in Switzerland. "If it is not seen - so be it";

▪️ There are no plans to take Kharkov as of today; the military's actions in the region are in response to the shelling of Belgorod.

▪️ Zelensky's legitimacy matters to Russia if documents have to be signed;

▪️ First, Russia needs to understand whether French troops will be in Ukraine, and then consider courses of action;

▪️ New Defense Minister Belousov will need to open the Ministry of Defense to innovation and constructive work with scientists and military equipment manufacturers;

▪️Russia intends to concentrate administrative resources to achieve the results it needs within the scope of conducting the special operation;

▪️The Ukraine Peace Forum in Switzerland is an attempt to impose conditions on Moscow; it will fail, as will the attempt to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.

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This is a freaking hoot! Run it in the background while doing other things!

Ivan Raiklin, "The Deep State Marauder" Holds Nothing Back!​

Why 3 hours? Because Ivan got on a roll, dropped bombs, brought receipts, and named names!
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