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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The Influencer We Need Right Now | Rich Roll Podcast​

Oct 2, 2023


*You can watch in segments or listen in one tab and play around on the forum in a different tab.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares tales from his extraordinary life, how he found success in three wildly different careers, and why giving back is his fourth act. To read more about Arnold and peruse the full show notes, go here👉🏾


Ric's Tip on Grips, Grass fed Beef Liver, and Steve Reeves Bodyvbuilding Handbook​


Alex Rodriguez Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Oct 24, 2023


Former Yankees World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez takes us through the contents of his fully stocked fridge, shares what his current diet looks like and reveals how his outlook on nutrition has changed since leaving the MLB in our 100th episode of #GymandFridge. Plus, A-Rod gives us a look into his current mobility and workout routine to stay fit.
Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:
Random stuff................


Bob Hoffman vs Joe Weider 1951 Boxing Match Challenge​

Sep 5, 2019


Who would win? Weider or Hoffman? In this video, I ponder the outcome (had it happened) of the 1951 challenge made between rivals Joe Weider and Bob Hoffman for a lifting, physique, and boxing competition. Quite a unique contest. The premise is similar to the Muscle Quest challenge I covered in my video on what a bodybuilding action-adventure video game may have looked like. See here • What if there had been a Bodybuilding...
So you are used to hitting the gym 3 maybe 4 times a week. Nice & clean, relaxing atmosphere, juice bar, pool, etc. Imagine having to work out without all that. These guys do it on a daily basis. Not a how to - just entertainment.

Ultimate California Prison Workout Compilation: All Gas, No Brakes, Straight Fire​

From the 1930's

Bodybuilding diet of the 70's at Golds Gym in Venice CA Feb 8, 2010



Jul 29, 2020


I am always asked by viewers What did you guys do about dates during the golden era, where did you meet women, where did you go and what was the response to you?

Iron Roots Ep 17: Jan Dellinger Pt 1 of 7 (Strength & Health Magazine, John Grimek & John Terpak)​

Jul 23, 2021


King Combs Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​


Rapper King Combs takes us through the contents of his fully stocked fridge, shares what his current diet looks like and how he prioritizes nutrition and hydration in his busy day-to-day life. Plus, the model and rapper shares his current workout routine to stay fit. Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE:
Kipp Luster was working at a cafeteria-style restaurant in Beaumont, TX just after he was released from six (6) years in federal prison (Miami Federal Prison Camp). While he had his freedom, it was a far cry from the lifestyle he built as a 23 year old drug dealer in North Florida. Gone were the nice clothes, fast cars and jewelry. Kipp, at 30 years old was starting his life over.

Kipp's channel:
The comments below the vid (on youtube) are good.

RUCKING For All the Benefits of Walking in Less Time - Become a LEAN Work Horse!​

The original vid was pulled as private, so I've put in a different vid.

Glen Powell Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​


Top Gun: Maverick and Devotion star Glen Powell takes us through his Los Angeles home gym and fridge, showing us the diet and fitness routine he uses to stay in shape.
Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE: • Mark Wahlberg Shows His Home Gym & Fr...
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Leroy Colbert Speaks about The Lies of Dieting​

Jun 14, 2010


Leroy Colbert on Nutrition Bodybuilding, Ric's Corner-desktop.m4v​

Jun 4, 2012


Ric's Corner, Ric discusses nutrition in bodybuilding with legend Leroy Colbert at Leroy's health food store Total Nutrition in sherman oaks, ca

What's the best protein for building muscle and how does it work?​

Oct 27, 2014


Jerry and Ric discuss the various proteins and how they work best to develop muscle in the body. Great information that really has never been discussed like this.
I've intentionally stayed away from posting these types of vids, but I really enjoyed this and figured what the hell, why not.

World Record in the Training Hall?! Loredana Toma 116kg Snatch! + The Toma Shuffle!​


Loredana Toma (64kg, Romania) with a sneaky world record snatch training session at the 2019 world weightlifting championships in Pattaya, Thailand.

Vintage 1960's Arm Bomb Machine​


In this video Daryl Conant demonstrates the biceps curl on a vintage 1960's Arm Bomb machine. Though it wasn't exactly like the one Vince had, it is very similar with more enhanced features than Vince's


Bodybuilding Stories from 1980's​

Jan 7, 2019


More Bodybuilding Stories From The Past​

Nov 26, 2018


Mike Uretz, Attorney for Joe Gold, World gym​

Oct 3, 2013


Mike Uretz, Atty for joe gold back in the Golden Era talks with Ric about those magic days in Venice and the characters involved. Great conversation... Mike was part of the original gym back then. Few of us left.
Some interesting stuff in this site:


Ric's Movie and TV Stories in Bodybuilding​

Jan 23, 2019



Jan 20, 2020


2014 West Coast Classic - Bodybuilding Legend Don Howorth​

Jul 1, 2014


Bodybuilding Legend from the 1960's, Don Howorth visited the 2014 West Coast Classic. Don Howorth's bodybuilding resume is extensive by capturing titles such as the Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. California, Mr. Southern California, Jr. Mr. America, Mr. Western America and Mr. America in 1967.

Modern Lessons From Early Bodybuilders​

Nov 24, 2023


Zack Snyder Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health​

Dec 4, 2023


Zack Snyder, director of the new movie Rebel Moon, Army of the Dead, Justice League, and more, takes us through his Pasadena home gym and fridge, showing us the diet and fitness routine he uses to stay in shape.
Watch more Men's Health Gym and Fridge videos HERE: • Mark Wahlberg Shows His Home Gym & Fr...

Marc Martinez: "Dream Big" and the Golden Age of Bodybuilding — #32​

Mar 16, 2023


Marc Martinez is the director of Dream Big, a documentary about Gold's Gym and the golden age of bodybuilding in Venice and Santa Monica in the 1970s.

Steve and Marc discuss:

0:00 Introduction
1:34 Marc's background in bodybuilding
5:25 Reflections on bodybuilding in Southern California
25:52 Setting the record straight on steroid use
33:40 Frank Zane
38:23 Robby Robinson
40:20 Butler, Gaines, and Arnold
42:35 'Dream Big'
48:07 Pumping Iron
59:40 Hypersexuality in bodybuilding
1:10:44 What's next for Marc

- Watch Dream Big on Amazon:
- Dream Big documentary:
- Dream Big trailer: • Dream Big Trailer BGF
- Pumping Iron: • Pumping Iron
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A man lost more than 150 pounds after retiring by walking and tracking macros. Here's his routine.​

  • A 59-year-old man lost more than 150 pounds by walking and tracking his macronutrients.
  • He said he planned to get back in shape after gradually gaining weight over the years.
  • He also started competing in bodybuilding shows and even won a contest in 2021.
The day that Ken Jones retired, he went for a walk.

It was the first small step of what would become a more than eight-year fitness journey, resulting in a total of more than 150 pounds of weight loss, the Texas resident told Business Insider.

"Everybody says I'm half the person I used to be," he said in an interview coordinated by the health-tracking app MyFitnessPal.



Wanda Khorovsky Interviews Dennis Tinerino part 1 of 3​

Aug 24, 2009


Bodybuilding Stories From The Past PART 1 Ric Drasin​

Oct 8, 2018


Bodybuilding Stories Part 2​

Oct 18, 2018

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