1. E

    Gold and Silver Tester

    Hi, I am working on a project to build the following gold and silver tester. having gone out into the market and seen the prices of testers. I figure that there most be a market for something that is a couple of hundred bucks. It works by measuring the conductivity and hence the composition...
  2. pmbug

    Real bars, fake stamps

    Here's a twist on the counterfeit gold bar story: More:
  3. pmbug

    Fake gold and silver coins flooding market?

  4. J

    fake gold

    sorry if this has already been posted
  5. A

    Counterfeited coins

    Is there a problem with modern US coins being counterfeited?
  6. 11C1P

    PM's as currency

    Not 100% sure this is the right section, but reading the description for the "PM's" and "Silver" sections, not sure those were 100% right either. So please move if there is a better section for it. I occasionally post on the odd survival/prepper forum here and there, and often talk turns to...
  7. J

    Fake 10 ounce engelhard bars are here
  8. J

    Fake American Eagle silver coins surface in Canada

    from coinworld:
  9. B

    Fake Silver Coins "The popularity of lunar coins has grown of late, making the coins an excellent target for counterfeiters." Another reason to avoid the "collectible" coins. :cheers:
  10. pmbug

    tungsten filled gold coins :paperbag:
  11. B

    Fake gold bars A jewlery merchant found one of his 10 ounce gold bars was actually tungsten filled! :flail:
  12. B

    3 Quick Ways I personally had to go try the ice test! I placed an ice cube on a one ounce silver coin and compared it to another ice cube placed on a normal plate. The ice on the silver definately melted faster at first...
  13. pmbug

    South African Reserve Bank admits Mint made under-spec proof Krugerrands :paperbag:
  14. pmbug

    Secret Service investigating fake Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

    More: I had heard about fake Morgan and Peace dollars being peddled on ebay and I was wondering if the Secret Service was investigating. Looks like they are.
  15. white&yellow999

    Beware of Ebay

    I just came across this listing... I feel like this coin needs a copy stamp or something. It could fool someone new the game. Check it out.
  16. Island_Dweller

    Another Tungsten Bar Found in UK.

    My guess is that you've probably already read from the SilverDoctors or from ZH about this case, if not, here are the articles: My question...
  17. pmbug

    Counterfeit Prospectors

    Seems to be a new round of counterfeit silver rounds (Englehard Prospectors) circulating now:
  18. B

    counterfeit maples

    Hi ya'll. First post here on PM bug.:wave: Just a heads up and one more thing to worry about. Anyone ever run into counterfeit coins or bullion?
  19. H

    fakes and frauds

    Howdy PMBugs, I was reading another thread tonight and it got me thinking...there are many well know counterfeit gold coins with much documentation. save for a few stories on morgans/peace/trade dollars with super rare dates, a story of 100 oz Englehardt bars and the usual suspects of 1oz 999...
  20. D

    coin shows

    So what do you guys think about coin shows? Are they a decent place to get bullion, 90%, and etc.? Is the exposure to being ripped off (fakes) worse at a show, or should it be okay as long as you stick with dealers? I'm not into numismatics, so that aspect of the shows doesn't matter to me.
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